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From the Desk of Chairman

Dear Students,
In this millennium, world is characterized by technology and constant change. In order to survive and perform successfully in the modern day competitive environment, we have to constantly adopt to innovation and be prepared to update knowledge and skills through continuous learning all the time. Technical course are valuable investment, bringing you immediate rewards and a life time of benefits. The Bhagirathi Institute was started in 2102 with the aim to impart best quality education in the field of Engineering and Pharmacy to develop young people with knowledge and skills, which would enable them to make meaningful contribution to society and nation. The Bhagirathi institute has been working relentlessly towards providing the highest quality of education with the objective of equipping them for a global carrier. At Bhagirathi Institute, you can develop your expertise and knowledge in a supportive and stimulating academic environment. It is our endeavour to ensure that every student’s need and expectations are fulfilled, thus enhancing the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. We ensure that students emerge as winners: ethically, intellectually and professionally.
- Mr. Anand Adhikari

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